Why Bat Travels.

Hello. We design tours for people who use senses other than sight. We believe seeing is not everything, experiencing is. So together in a group of  both visually impaired and sighted people, we do stuff that you can experience, enjoy and fondly remember. After all, travelling is for everyone. So hop on, for we are going places together.

What makes us different.

The need to be independent and free to make decisions and choices for oneself is a very adult need. When you travel with us, you can choose a destination as per your choice, without depending on the likings of your sighted dear ones to pick a destination. But that doesn’t mean you won’t get assistance from the sighted. In each of our tours, we have a fair mix of sighted and visually impaired travelers. So at any given time, you will be accompanied by a sighted traveler. He or she will be explaining the surroundings to you, assisting you, in other words, you have a travel pal. And you get to meet new people, make new friends.

Why should the sighted travelers travel with us.

Because you are getting to mingle with new friends, getting to experience travel like never before. And you know what, when you start describing a place, you also start noticing more. Try it sometime. 

Where do we go next?

Kumbh Photography Trail

22nd-24h Feb  |  Rs. 14,500

Jaisalmer New Year Trip

29th Dec -1st Jan  |  Rs. 23,100

Bali for Partygoers

26th  Feb - 2nd March  |  Rs. 16,800

Thailand for first-timers

1st Dec - 31st Jan

Sri Lanka - like the firangs

3rd-9th Dec  |  Rs. 34,755

Plan your own trip.

Where would you like to go?

If we like your destination, we will design a tour for it.

Where we went and what we did.


Jet lag feels worse when you travel from west to east.

The human brain is designed to remember novelty. So to remember your vacation for a long time, include a dramatic change of scenery. 

Spanish is happiest language in the world because it has the maximum number of positive words

Introverts are more likely to choose a mountain vacation, while extroverts would opt for a beach.

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