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We are happening.

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Starting your own thing is the best thing we did. And when we had an idea like this. Every morning we wake up excited about the to-do list. That never happened before. When you are on your own, you are saner, happier, better. Everyday we meet many new people. Most of them don’t get the beauty of our idea. But the ones that do, they keep on adding to it. And at that moment it becomes everyone’s idea.

In the last 27 days we have planned two exciting itineraries, got some vendors onboard, our visiting cards in Braille is our hands, our website is almost done, our Facebook and Twitter handles have got some followers (12 on the former and 8 on latter), our Instagram page is roaring (103 followers). We are still waiting for our PAN cards. And some bank work is left. Ohh, and our friends sent in their photos to be used on the website. Getting a photo from Pandey was a real pain. Ultimately we had to use the pixelated one, because she didn’t give us any better.

Since neither I nor my partner were Social Media savvy, every new follower and every like is a super achievement. How do you guys get a 1000 likes in 10 minutes!

We also went to Goa and Kamshet in the last few days to reccee and figure out what all we can do with our friends. Astrid was so open to our friends’ visit. And she had a lot to add to the activities we will partake. Really excited for this trip, it will be our first.

This blogpost is more of a rambling. More coming soon.

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  1. this sounds awesome. all the best people.

    1. Thank you!

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