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First timers

A selfie clicked in the bus on-route to Kamshet

The first trip is done and what a trip it was. When I was leaving for the trip from my house early in the morning on December 2nd, I took a moment to check what I was feeling. As I was stuffing my phone charger in my red bag, I asked myself, what am I feeling? Am I excited, as I usually am when I am leaving for a holiday? I wasn’t. I was anxious. I was worried. I was worked up. I was definitely not looking for adventures. I wished for everything to go smoothly. At that moment, I took a deep breath and told myself, that I should be excited and happy, like I am when am leaving for a trip. But deciding to feel a certain way is not really a guarantee of feeling that way, is it? Ask the ones with a freshly broken heart. So with an anxious heart I went down with the lift.

When we were all in the bus on our way to Kamshet, just an hour into trip, I looked at Divya. She was sitting in one the front seats. I was in the last row. We looked at each other and smiled, our smiles saying, dude this is really happening. Just a few hours into the trip, I was laughing, cracking jokes and sharing high-fives. It was like a roaring party.

The trek through the jungle was treacherous in bits, but in stretches it was so quiet and peaceful that my travel pal Tony started humming to himself. And while paragliding, Rahul refused to land. Well, actually he was so light-weight that every time his pilot tried landing, the wind would take him off again. Chetna convinced her pilot to make her spin in the sky. Shubham had to convince the pilot to take him on a flight. Tilak loved his flight so much that he wants to learn paragliding. Biswajit refused to paraglide, his fear of height taking over. Sharad was jokingly advised to slip in some stones in his pockets to add some weight, so that he doesn’t meet Rahul’s fate. Kenny tried his best to capture everyone’s take-off and landing on his camera.

When we came back to our hotel, BeenaG wanted to spend the night in the hammock under a tree. Half way through the night she decided otherwise and slipped into my tent. Siddhesh probably slept for just a few hours, his insomnia kicking in. I was up because Biswajit was snoring in the tent next to mine. Rumour has it that Anand was snoring too, but I have no proof to that. Shiv slept through all of this, and some say he was snoring the loudest. The next morning we had a stone throwing competition at the lakeside. Rahul won it, his throw landing the farthest in the lake.

By the way, I would have never known had my travel pal not pointed out that I have a blind-friendly laughter. Those who know me, know what he meant. Yeah, the joke was on me.


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