A city where people have the luxury to stop everything else and talk to you. Holidays like these make everything worthwhile. You catch yourself thanking the world for being so beautiful in flashes. The serene Ganges, the soulful santoor music, the narrow lanes, the photogenic ghats, the simple smalltown people. Benaras was an experience you will want to live again and again. But let us tell you, like every time you revisit a good book, you will find some thing new here.

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These awesome pictures were clicked by Anand Oinam, Bat Travels and Karthik Shriram.

A man takes a dip in the Ganges and creates a series of concentric waves.

The holy dip

The santoor player with his instrument sitting on the boat. In the background are the ganges, the rising sun and yellow sky.

Santoor, sunrise and surrealism

A priest holding up humaad, the smokey arti.

Let me pray tonight

A chaat makers display area. One can see the different coloured ingredients arranged beautifully.

Food and its charm

Seagulls thronging our boat as we are rowing over the Ganges.

Boat and birds

Our VI friend Parimala with Vasundhara in the streets of Benaras.

Vasu and Pari who became best friends

Divya guiding Parimala's hand over a door to feel the wooden carving.

We touch when we can't see

A group shot of all of us.

And that is how we do it.

Divya, Parimala, Vasundhara and Ritu in the streets of Benaras.

That's how we look when having fun.

Neatly anchored boats at the ghat.

Boats, boats and boats.

A very graphic image of the steps of a ghat. The red coloured steps look like parallel lines.

Simple things like stairs can be beautiful.