Jim Corbett National Park

A trip that was about Safaris, Jungles, walks and lots of talks. Though tigers acted really pricey and refused to see us, we had our bit of fun. A walk into a nearby jungle and we smelled different kinds of leaves and heard different kinds of birds. Also the smell of a jungle, it is so different from every other smell.

A stream of clear water, one can see the riverbed, and an elephant standing in midst

Kalina, the elephant, loves water

Few us standing in a group posing for a photo

When half of us stop our jungle walk for a photo

We stop to touch and smell a leaf

How does this leaf feel

Another stop to feel more leafs

We just love leafs

Few of us on a jeep during the jungle safari

Jeep safari done like a pro

Four of us on a jeep

While looking for a tiger we look in the camera too

A long shot of us on a jeep and jungle in the background

Jungle beyond and us with friends

A shot of some of us while on the jungle walk

Some of us on the jungle walk

Four of us on an elephant mid-stream

We stop because Phoolmala wants a drink

Another four of us on an elephant called Kalina, beside a stream

Kalina is thinking about stepping in water

We standing in front of the swimming pool in our resort.

That's how we end the trip. All smiles.