Paragliding in Himachal

Himachal has always been special. Tall green mountains, crisp air, slight chill and smiling mountain people. We spent hours at the gushing Ulh River in Barot, where we tried catching trout and failed miserably. We paraglided from Bir to Billing early in the morning. We sat around crackling bonfire late in the cold night. We did our share of glamping on a mountain that overlooked more mountains. This trip was fun.


These awesome pictures were clicked by Rudresh.

Mid air shot of a travel pal paragliding

A Go Pro shot while paragliding is a must

A visually impaired friend mid air

Shubham thoroughly enjoying his second flight

Mid air shot of a visually impaired friend while paragliding

Mid air expressions are priceless

Our in-house travel buddy explaining the workings of a fishing rod.

A travel buddy explaining the workings of a fishing rod to her visually impaired friend.

Travel Pals chilling at Uhl River

Travel pals chilling at Uhl River

A sighted travel pal fishing in Uhl river at Barot

When in Barot give fishing a try.

A travel pal with two visually impaired friends spraying water at each other.

A gushing river brings out the best in us.

Travel Pals helping their VI friend to cross the river,

Crossing the river together

Travel Pal guiding her visually impaired friend

It's all yellow and orange.

A sighted travel pal helping her VI friend explore the beautiful valley around our camps.

Travel pals exploring the camps

Travel Pals taking a stroll on the hilly roads.

Himachal calls for an aimless stroll after the second breakfast.

Panaromic view of the quaint little village of Barot

Panoramic view of the village Barot

Bonfire and camping in Himachal

Cold nights call for bonfires.