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Kamshet Tour

To read more about our Kamshet trip, go here and to see some videos/pictures of the trip go here

Chetna More - Kamshet Tour

Thank you so much Bat travel for giving us the hilarious experience of paragliding with safety and comfort. You all have managed it very well and I enjoyed it a lot. Keep planning such adventurous trips. I would like if you plan scuba diving some time in future.I wish all the very best for all your plans and hope more and more people may join you.

Siddhesh kulkarni - Kamshet Tour

The difference between unsighted people and me are that some of them are lefty and I am righty. Otherwise we are all the same. We all enjoyed the paragliding equally. We all noticed the hot chick wearing black top and blue jeans. We all like creepy bollywood songs. The Kamshet trip to me was like old barter system where 'ek haath se dena aur ek haath se lena'. But for me it was a very simple deal, I actually learned and experienced a lot over a sharing of my mobile number and facebook account details. Thanks to Bat Travels for giving me a new experience and helping me to increase my FB and Insta followers.

Biswajit Das - Kamshet Tour

It was their first trip with the unsighted, and so was mine. those two days were different, far from regular. it was fun, quirky, new learnings, beautiful nature. everything was well planned. everything was happy. best of luck bat travels for the next trips. I won't be able attend all of them, though i want to 🙂

Tony Kurian - Kamshet Tour

A flight without sight: experience is what it was When I signed up for the tour package with Bat Travels to Kamshet, all I expected was a conventional charity driven approach in which I would be treated as a beneficiary. What awaited me was a bunch of lively friends, both sighted and visually challenged. I did have the apprehensions which all visually challenged people usually have when we step out with a new set of friends. Bat Travels knew this, but unlike many people and organizations I encountered in the past, Bat had foreseen all of them and had come up with a solution. Yet, there was no cacophony about inclusion or accessibility, it just naturally came to them. from assigning travel pals to describing the nature around me, all of it was taken care. Paragliding was the highlight of the trip and it was a great experience. To fly in the sky, unshackled from all the worries and inhibitions was such a mindboggling experience. Bat Travels ensured that all the instructions and safety measures was explained prior to the flight. To take a break ones in a while is rejuvenating. When I have someone designing tours keeping in mind my needs, I am having a travel with dignity. Bat Travel gave me the opportunity to be a traveller with dignity at a reasonable price.

Shubham Arora - Kamshet Tour

I really appreciate the initiative taken by Bat Travels to enable us to explore the unexplored. I have throughly enjoyed my trip with them. They took care of all the aspects and I never ever felt that there could be a better way to handle things. It was a comfortable and memorable trip, made possible by Bat Travels.

Tilak Joshi - Kamshet Tour

One of the best thing in the world is traveling. Sometimes I wish I could keep on traveling the world and my tour would never end. What if a tour is fully accessible? That makes travel more comfortable and amazing and that’s what Bat Travels people are doing and I have experienced personally. First weekend of December was well spent and has given me really wonderful memories which I am going to cherish forever. I have spent full two days with Bat Travels and didn’t feel bored or left out even for single moment, our Travel Pal were really helpful and made sure we enjoyed each and every moment. They made sure we did not miss out on anything and answered all my questions very patiently. Whenever I wanted to do something different they were always ready and found the way to do that activity. Like, when they were playing Logory and I wanted to join them, they immediately agreed to play with our cricket ball which makes noise, so that we can hear the noise and participate equally in the game. 
If I have to say then my favourite activity was definitely Paragliding. Which I have always wanted to do and I am really thankful to Bat Travels for making it accessible. The Pilot with me 
made sure I enjoyed the ride. I now want to learn Paragliding and go on a solo flight in the future! At the end I would like to summarize by saying Kamshet trip with Bat Travels was incredible and was an unforgettable experience!

Beer Tasting Session

To see some pictures of the event go here

KP Sinha - Beer Tasting Session

Beer is a wonderful drink. After a day's labour, chilled beer really refreshes you. All over the world it's one of the most popular drinks, across all classes of people. It's a pity we don't know much about it. We are really only interested in having a chilled beer. Fortunately, on 30th of December, 2017, we got an opportunity to know what the different types of beer are, how they are made and what their quality is. We were given this opportunity by Bat Travels, who specialise in providing all facilities to unsighted people to travel along with sighted people. We had great fun tasting the beer, swirling it in our mouth and then giving an opinion about its colour, aroma, taste and after-taste. There was good bonhomie during the event. Though it was supposed to be 2 hour long, but we ended up chatting for more than 3 hours. It ended like a happy family get together. Surely it was an experience we are not likely to forget for a long time to come.

Vasundhara Sinha - Beer Tasting Session

Bat Travels working as your tour organisers working for visually impaired people accompanied by sighted people is a wonderful, innovative, progressive, humanly effort made by two forward thinking and thoughtful girls Divya and Ritu. I happen to attend one of their event on 30th Dec as a sighted person. This was a beer tasting session. Previous to this event I had no idea of the amazing varieties of beer. Doolally taproom has almost 200.
Bat travels gave me an opportunity to interact with visually impaired who I tell you are no different than us. Once they came to know our names, they could easily recognise us by our voice and names.
Amazing experience. Praise worthy. Thumbs up to Bat Travels. All the best.

Trance-Sufi Night

To see some pictures of the event go here

Tasneem Anis - Trance-Sufi Night

So, at the start of this year, I was planning to go solo to some place. I was checking out for some options and there it was. A trance-sufi music night by the riverside organized by BAT Travels for 26th and 27th January. What made me curious to go on this trip was the idea of them having a mixed group of sighted and unsighted people. I am in awe of their concept of doing such stuff, the coordination throughout the trip was great as I was the only one traveling from Pune and was to meet them directly at the venue. The whole trip was a mixture of playfulness, bliss, lots of fun. The selection of the place was fitting perfectly to the music which was organized. I have enjoyed those soulful moments, thanks to Kanishk and his group for the fabulous performances. I couldn't have asked for more. The place was just beautiful. With river flowing by your tent, u can hear the sound of the water singing lullabies for u. Oh My God, I can just keep writing about my experience. A big thank you to Ritu and Divya for being excellent hosts. I have met so many new and lovely people in this trip, got to taste a different style of music, got inspired by Tony (hoping he reads this :)), Man he can talk nonstop. All the best pals. U rock. Keep organizing cool trips like this. Will join u soon. Lots of love.