Adventure sports, mysticism and pop-culture. Rishikesh is an amalgamation of all three and what a beautiful experience it has to offer. Right from adrenaline rushing through you as you conquer one rapid after another, to the sadhus and meditation domes in Beatles Ashram. The colourful and intricate graffiti and to trance inducing chambers for meditation. You have-to-have-to borrow our itinerary when you go to Rishikesh next.

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These awesome pictures were clicked by Oinam Anand

After rafting two of us jump in the ganges. The image is of the raft and 2 of us floating in the waters.

We raft then we body surf.

A long shot of 10-12 boats rafting in the Ganges.

Let's all row our boats.

Shot from the shore, a raft looks nestled between two boulders.

The boulders can't stop us.

Five of us on a raft.

Our travel pals look all ready to raft till the end of the world.

We relaxing on our raft before we hit more rapids.

Any more rapids coming?

Shot from a perspective, our raft looks nestled between an arm and an oar.

Oinam gets us another artistic photo.

Two of us leading our VI friends after rafting.

Travelpals together after rafting.

A group shot of all of us with Beatles' graffiti in background.

Aren't we happy posing with the Beatles.

Red coloured fruit laid out on green leaves.

Local fruit Ramphal which we all tried.

Parimala and Shubham enjoying a walk at the resort.

Parimala and Shubham enjoying a walk at the resort.

Parimala touching flowers with her travelpal.

We touch what we can't see.

Interior of a small dome like structure at Beatles Ashram.

Manya and Kapil inside the individual meditation dome at Beatles Ashram.

One of us sitting in the lotus position in front of a graffiti of Beatles.

Doesn't Sanover look good with the Beatles.