Trance-Sufi Night

What a surreal experience it was. Kanishk and his group sang us Amir Khursow’s verses. And then the group’s original compositions as well. We all swayed to the music, clapped to the beat and sung along the refrain. Between one song and the other, the silence was filled by the gurgling Ulhas River. Then for the night we receded in our tents. Some stayed in tents floating over the river, others in tents hanging from trees. The next morning when we woke up, no-one wanted to go back to Mumbai.

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These awesome pictures were clicked by Karthik Shriram.

Waves on the river crashing with each other.

Ulhas River up-close

One can see the edge of yellow-coloured kayak, and the river and yellow-sky beyond.

View while kayaking.

Early morning view of floating tents on the river.

Floating tents over the river.

Kanishk deeply lost in his signing.

Kanishk and his musique.

The trio performers Devashri, Kanishk and Parshva.

The star trio. Devashri, Kanishk and Parshva.

Devashri and her soulful signing.

Devashri and her soulful signing.

A group shot of some of us listening to the music.

Enthralled us.

Performers of the night.

Performers of the night.